Does Hostal Cervelo have a parking garage?
Yes, Hostal Cervelo offers a car parking service for its guests. Ask us for price and availability.
Is the reception open late at night?
Yes, the reception of the Hostal Cervelo is open 24 hours, so you can enjoy Madrid at your own time and without schedules.
Do the rooms have private bathrooms?
Yes, all rooms have full private bathrooms. As well as air conditioning and heating.
Is Hostal Cervelo in the center?
Yes, Hostal Cervelo is located in the central Atocha street, very close to Atocha station, Puerta del Sol, Plaza Mayor and the main museums of Madrid, Museo del Prado, Reina Sofia and Museo Thyssen-Bonermisza.
Is there free wifi?
Yes, Hostal Cervelo has a free wifi service in all its installations.
Is there a coffee shop at Hostal Cervelo?
Yes, Hostal Cervelo has a café area where you can make your breakfast.

See you in Madrid

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